Canto Digital Asset Management

Canto is the system University Communications uses to store and access photography that is used for institutional marketing purposes. It is an easily searchable, cloud-based system, akin to a stock photo site like Getty Images or istockphoto. University Communications regularly adds new photography, keeping this system current and up to date. Along with photography, the site also provides access to Richmond’s graphic elements and school logos.


Richmond’s Canto URL is Canto is accessible to University personnel by request to University Communications. Please email Associate Director of Design Services, Katie McBride, to request access.

Once you have accepted your invite and set up your log-in, you can browse images or conduct a search using keywords, tags, locations, and more.

Campus Beauty 

We also provide a curated library of campus beauty images that can be accessed without a login.

Tips for searching

  • Know that the system is set up with an “AND” search, not an “OR” search. This means that if you type multiple terms, it’s looking for images that contain all of those words. This helps you find the specific images you need. If you want images of students in the library, “students, library” should give you only images with both things, as opposed to every image with either students or the library.
  • Use commas to separate your search terms, and avoid prepositions (i.e., “students, faculty, library” as opposed to “students with faculty in library” — the system won’t ignore prepositions and this will not return good results)
  • There are Canto resources in the folder tree, which can be accessed by clicking the small grey folder icon at the top left of the screen, under the University of Richmond logo.

The Canto help website and YouTube channel are great places to learn more about Canto, and how to find help if your searches aren’t getting you the results you want.

When you use an image from Canto in a publication or piece of collateral, please include the following photo credit “Photographs courtesy of University Communications” at least once in your project.