University Communications

Telling the Richmond Story

University Communications builds and protects the University of Richmond brand, with particular focus on improving awareness of the University, increasing our national reputation, and effectively engaging our most important constituencies.

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Our Charge & Work

From earned media to advertising, digital strategy to flagship publications, we build and deploy a strategic and multifaceted suite of tools and channels to achieve institutional communications, marketing, and public relations objectives.

Brand Center

Consistent branding in higher education is crucial for increasing awareness, influencing perceptions, attracting the best and brightest, elevating our distinctive story, and communicating our mission to the world.
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Team & Resources

We are a team of artists, writers, strategists, and creators who bring the University of Richmond’s brand to life and support the University’s strategic goals — working collaboratively in-house and with communicators across the University.

Richmond in the Media

Literary Hub logo
November 28, 2022
How the 1977 Siege of Washington Marks the Beginning of Our Preoccupation With “Terrorist” Violence and Real-Time News

Journalism professor Shahan Mufti is interviewed.

The Hill logo
November 26, 2022
What to know about the pause on student debt relief

Law professor Carl Tobias is quoted.

IFL Science logo
November 24, 2022
Why Do Frozen Turkeys Explode When Deep-Fried?

Chemistry professor Kristine Nolin authored this piece.

The Huffington Post logo
November 23, 2022
Joe Biden Can Confirm Even More Judges If Democrats Win Georgia’s Senate Race

Law professor Carl Tobias is quoted.