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Institutional Identity

The University of Richmond’s logos are the most important and recognizable element of our brand’s identity. They are icons that represent our organization to the outside world and act as an identifying and unifying mark. All communications from the University of Richmond must bear the appropriate University logo.

Primary Institutional Marks

The University of Richmond shield is the primary logo and should be used to establish brand consistency. It is the preferred mark to use on all communications and should be used whenever possible to represent the University as a whole.

ur sheild
richmond shield

University Wordmark

The University wordmarks should be used to represent the University as a whole in situations where the preferred shield logos are too small to be legible.

UR Wordmark
UR Wordmark
UR Wordmark
UR Wordmark


The spider logos represent the University’s spider spirit, pride, and unity. They are often used in an athletics context and on pageantry and merchandise.

UR Spider

University Seals

Use of the University Seal is reserved for the President's Office. The seal features our University motto, Verbum Vitae et Lumen Scientiae, which translates to “Word of life and the light of knowledge.”

The Westhampton College and Richmond College seals may be used by those colleges and on materials intended for their students and alumni.

Presidential Seal
Richmond College Seal
Westhampton College Seal

School Logos

There are five schools within the University of Richmond. Each school has its own logo that ties back to the overarching University of Richmond. All initiatives within a specific school should use that school’s official logo.

School of Arts & Sciences
School of Law
School of Professional & Continuing Studies
School of Business
School Leadership

University departments, offices, and units not within a school

The official logo system for departments, offices and units not within a school includes the official name of the department, office or unit and the University of Richmond shield. Such logos may be used on merchandise or print materials. However, they may not be used on stationery, websites, or electronic newsletters. These logos are created and approved by University Communications.

Office of the Chaplaincy
Human Resources
Alumni & Career Services


The Richmond Spiders logos are used by all officially recognized NCAA teams at the University of Richmond.



WebstUR is the University of Richmond’s official mascot.

webstUR wordmark

Logo Creation

Logos are created only by University Communications. Attempts to create new University logos, or to recreate existing logos, are not permitted.

No Manipulation

Except for proportionately scaling, none of the official University logos may be obstructed or manipulated in any way. This includes removing the white background from any part of the shield, inserting images into the squares of the shield and anthropomorphizing the spider logo.

Protected Area

Protected Area

Nothing may appear within the protected area of any official University logo without approval from University Communications. This includes icons, other logos, names of groups, organizations, events, and programs. The protected area is equivalent to the width of the logo used and surrounds the logo on all four sides. (For example, if the logo you are using is 1-inch wide, nothing may appear within 1 inch of the logo on any side.)


Logos must appear with the appropriate "TM" or "R" notation in order to establish and protect trademark.

 Because the "TM" or "R" cannot be legibly rendered on our website, a message regarding trademarks appears in the site's legal notices. Some documents, such as diplomas and invitations, are excluded from this requirement so as not to compromise the formality of their design.

Minimum Size

The UR shield may never appear smaller than a half-inch vertically. This applies to all logos that contain the shield.


Use of the University's logos for merchandising purposes must be handled by a licensed vendor. Logo requests for merchandise (t-shirts, etc) should be directed to Lee Chaharyn in Collegiate Licensing.

Unauthorized Use

University Communications works with our licensing partner and law enforcement agencies to enforce our trademark rights. The University is committed to the protection of the University of Richmond's marks and the reputation they represent. Use of University of Richmond trademarks on merchandise is not permitted without written consent from Collegiate Licensing. Any information regarding possible trademark infringement should be reported to Collegiate Licensing via Lee Chaharyn, special projects manager, 804-289-1742.

Student Group Eligibility

To be eligible for a university logo, student groups must be an official extension of a non-academic administrative unit or office. The group also must have a designated university staff member who is responsible for ensuring the completion, quality, and continuation of its work. Examples of eligible groups:

  • UREMS, as an official extension of University Police
  • The Spider Board, as an official extension of Student Activities

Official Colors

The University of Richmond colors are a central component of the University's brand. The specifications below are used to create the official shades of red and blue.

UR Blue

For print:



PMS 281

process (CMYK)

C:100%, M:91%, Y:32%, K:34%

For monitor (Web, PowerPoint, e-mail, etc.) display:



R:0, G:0, B:102



UR Red

For print:



PMS 200

process (CMYK)

C:16%, M:100%, Y:87%, K:6%

For monitor (Web, PowerPoint, e-mail, etc.) display:



R:153, G:0, B:0