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Screens and Dflyers

University Communications, in partnership with Telecom and Media Support Services (TMSS), works to increase the ease of use for campus contributors and improve the overall quality of communications across the campus network of electronic displays. University Communications also helps maintain the University's brand across the system while TMSS is responsible for the maintenance and technical support of the AxisTV system and software.

Campus Unit Responsibilities
  • Responsible for completing online training supplied by Visix
  • Annual software maintenance fee
  • Maintaining up-to-date and accurate information
  • Adhering to University brand standards
Screen Locations

For questions regarding specific screens on campus, contacts are listed below.

Building Area Contact
Boatwright Library Administrative Wing A&S Deans Office Jennifer Lo Prete
Boatwright Library TLC Melissa Foster
Boatwright Library throughout library Andrew Morton
Booker Hall Camp Lobby Jessie Buford
Robins School of Business Atrium/Moelchert Commons

Deborah Lupp and Nick Minnix

Carole Weinstein International Center throughout building Michael Warchol
Heilman Center Main Lobby Romney Beebe
Human Resources Lobby Sarah Busching
Gottwald Center for the Sciences Atrium entrance Jennifer Lo Prete
Jepson Hall IS Help Desk Sam Gibbs
Jepson Hall Leadership Stephanie Trent
Law School

throughout building

Mary Ruth Walters
Modlin Center Booth Lobby/Jepson Box Office Jessie Buford
Modlin Center Museum/Print Study Center Katreena Clark
Modlin Center Music Library Linda Fairtile
Queally Center Building Julie Du Pont
Weinstein Center Intramurals Desk Zena Ray
Tyler Haynes Commons Main Hallway Kristen Phelps
Tyler Haynes Commons Office of Career and Alumni Services Alaina Schneider
Tyler Haynes Commons Transportation Hub Natalia Green
Tyler Haynes Commons Overlooking Tyler's Grill Sarah Busching
AxisTV Access and Training

To request access and training to the AxisTV system, please complete the form below. The person responsible for managing the AxisTV system in your area will be contacted to verify your role.

Training is provided online by Visix. Users are expected to complete training appropriate to their roles, prior to operating AxisTV.

Axis TV Access and Training Request Form

Templates and Best Practices
  • Most screens on the AxisTV system have a 16:9 ratio and require announcements to be 1280 pixels by 720 pixels.
  • If using PowerPoint to create a dflyer, format the presentation to 17.7 x 10 inches. You may also reference the guide on how to create dflyers in PowerPoint.
  • The Modlin Center for the Arts accepts arts and entertainment related dflyers that are sized to fit their screens. Dflyer size must be 1080 x 608 pixels (15" x 8.4").
  • The Boatwright Memorial Library and the Parsons Music Library typically only post dflyers related to library events and services.
  • Final dflyers need to be saved and shared as .jpeg.
Submitting a Dflyer

Certain units have restrictions regarding submission of dflyers.

  • The Tyler Haynes Commons is a popular place to promote events on campus. Given the high volume of submissions, there are specific guidelines and restrictions for their screens.
  • Posting in the Gottwald Science Center is limited to events and announcements that pertain to math, the sciences, or services for students. Exceptions are often made for large, university-wide events.

Submissions should include the dates of your event and how long you would like for the dflyer to display. Most units prefer that the dflyer be submitted in .jpg format.

Submit a dflyer to campus units


In order to support users of AxisTV and the community of practice on campus, University Communications maintains a  listserv for users to communicate with each other.

Student organizations should reference the posting policy for Tyler Haynes Commons.

If an issue arises with your AxisTV system, please complete the support form below.

Axis TV Support Form