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Photography and Video

Consent and Release

The University of Richmond may copyright and publish all video and photographs in print or electronic format in which students, faculty, and staff appear or speak. The University may use, edit or reproduce such assets or share them with others for any purpose related to the promotion of the University and its related programs and activities. By attending University events or by agreeing to allow a University photographer to take your picture, you agree that the University may use that photograph to promote the University in all media, except for traditional advertising, without written consent or compensation to you. For traditional forms of advertising, such as print, television, social media advertisements, billboards, and more, we will use consent forms.

University Communications recommends that the following best practices be followed in regards to photography and videography at activities and events.


While consent is not required for the use of classroom photography, we recommend obtaining approval from the faculty member before photographing or filming an active class to avoid disruption.


Because events may not be limited to the campus community, it is recommended that signs addressing photography and videography be posted at activities and events. Pre-event and event materials such as invitations and programs should also reference that photography and videography will be collected. The following statement is suggested:

Videos and photographs taken during [event] may be used in print or electronic format in University publications, advertising, or online. If you do not wish to be included in videos or photographs, please alert the photographer and/or videographer.


When photographing or videotaping non-students 18 or younger, a release from the child’s parents or guardian is required. The sponsoring office should keep the release on file.

Download minor release

Digital Asset Management

UR’s Digital Asset Management System (DAM) enables University Communications staff to catalog, store, retrieve, and distribute photography and other assets. Campus communicators and related staff who regularly use campus imagery can request access to the UR DAM portal by contact Ashley Bentley.